August 11, 2014

Social media’s impact on revolutionizing the enterprise

Advancements in mobile technology have not only streamlined how quickly we get our news and information today, but it has also reconfigured our sources as well.  From the Pony Express, to newsboys with a published “Extra!”, to talk radio / TV evening news, and now social media.  Civilization has always had a thirst to be the first in the know.  The news has not changed, only the speed and method in which it has been delivered.

Marketing has been no different, of which I want to explore the impact of social media specifically on the enterprise.  Recently, more and more companies have felt an importance to be recognized by tools the younger generations have gravitated towards.  Tools such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, seem to lead the way for a social media presence for different companies and corporations.  Employees as well are using these tools, albeit primarily for personal reasons.  So what are the enterprises benefits for embracing this paradigm shift in news and marketing?

There has been reluctance in recent years for companies to adapt.  The reason for this has been singled out due to a lack of social media familiarity and expertise in organizations at an upper management level.  Harvard Business Review published an article (Click here to read article) in January 2013 recognizing this trend stating “Too many companies have kept social platforms separate from their essential business.”

Lets face it, nobody likes being told what they have to do, and my thought is that social media is no exception to this rule.  Organizations are being pushed into a direction that manages communication differently than what they have come to accept.  The sooner they recognize that the shift towards a social ecosystem isn’t going away, the more accepting they may be of potential ROI.

Many enterprises have already recognized this trend and are putting more effort into their social media platforms to ensure at least on the outside, a willingness to adapt.  Or is it perhaps to capitalize on the financial upside potential?  After all, social media does not discriminate against any demographic.  Corporate trends such as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) programs are being adopted more every day ensuring a personal conduit to the consumer more than ever.  An audience the size that some social media platforms provide, previously could only be found during a commercial spot during Super Bowl, for a short three to four hour interval.

Social media may not revolutionize how we consume our information, but if more than a billion people adopted a cellphone for more than just making phone calls, an enterprise presence may simply be a necessity.

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